Chautauqua Rails to Trails (CR2T) is a non profit corporation whose reason for existence is to acquire, develop and maintain multi purpose recreational trails for public use on or near abandoned railroad rights of way.  CR2T provides safe, attractive trails…



To acquire, develop and maintain multi-purpose recreational trails on or near abandoned railroad corridors for public use. The reasons that Rails to Trails exists is to provide: 1).  A safe relaxing place to observe and learn about nature. 2).  A safe place…



CR2T is home to some of the most scenic and serene trails in the area.  Chautauqua County is blessed with beautiful unused rail corridors winding through picturesque countryside vistas and quaint villages.  CR2T provides safe, attractive trails for non motorized…



All The Way Challenge

I Went All the Way on Chautauqua Rails to Trails! Do you need some motivation to get out and moving on the trails? Are you searching for some bragging rights? Do you want to support a great organization and trail…


Hiking on the Rail Trail

CR2T is proud to partner with the Chautauqua County Hiking Club! CCHC is an informal group of people who enjoy the outdoors. All of their hikes are led by volunteer hike coordinators and the hikes are open to anyone who…

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Cycling on the Trail

Top Ten Reasons Why Cycling is Better than Skiing Less risk of falling off a mountain No pricey lift tickets No avalanches Easier to do in the summer No padded clothing to make you look fat Less risk of bumping…

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Birding on the Rail Trail

Birding the Sheldon Trail – Chapter III by Dick Miga It was April 4, 1997 when I made my first visit to the Sheldon trail. As I indicated in my first column for TRACKIN’ (1997), I was tremendously impressed by…

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