Cycling on the Trail

Top Ten Reasons Why Cycling is Better than Skiing
  • Less risk of falling off a mountain
  • No pricey lift tickets
  • No avalanches
  • Easier to do in the summer
  • No padded clothing to make you look fat
  • Less risk of bumping into snobbish movie stars
  • No chance of falling off a chair lift
  • Wind in your face is pleasant, not bitterly cold
  • No need to look trendy…
  • You think of one
Top Ten Reasons Why Cycling is Better Than Playing Video Games
  • Conditioning benefits extend beyond the thumbs
  • Can do it when the power’s off
  • No need to upgrade to keep up with your friends
  • Fully interactive, three-dimensional graphics with true color
  • Never locks up
  • Very rarely encounter alien attackers with automatic weapons
  • Never have to fight with your brother over who gets to use the .trail now
  • No complicated “cheat codes”
  • Never need to call tech support
  • Get to use cool water bottles instead of those silly soft-drink cans

Special Thanks to Deb Thompson
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