The Big Culvert Damage

Damaged culvert in need of repair.

If you’ve been following any of our press, Facebook posts, or Trackin’ articles, you are probably well aware that our organization is struggling with the upkeep of an aging culvert located on the Alison Wells Ney Trail near Woleben Road in Portland, NY.

The Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development has been a great partner to CR2T in helping us to make plans for the culvert’s repair and in identifying potential funding opportunities to make these repairs happen. They developed a PowerPoint presentation about the damage to help us raise awareness about this issue.

In case you’re interested in learning more of the details about the culvert and necessary repairs, we are posting the presentation here.

Big thanks are due to the CCPED for their assistance and ongoing support.

Do you think you can help us in this effort? Send us a message to let us know how you’d like to help, or donate funds on our “Donate” page.





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