Hunting Season Trail Closures

Hunting season has started, and two sections of the Chautauqua Rails to Trails that are on private property are now closed through January 1st. 

Between Honeysette Road and Parker Road, the trail is closed. Signs are on that stretch that will alert you that the trail is closed. You can bypass that section of the trail by walking on Honeysette, Plank, and Parker roads to reconnect with the trail.

At Maple Drive East, that trail is closed from that point North. The section between Route 430 and Maple Drive East will remain open.

When enjoying the outdoors during hunting season, please make sure to practice proper trail safety:

  • If you are unsure of the dates of hunting season, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation(DEC) website at
  • Go out on the trail during the day when there is plenty of light for optimal visibility. Make sure to be off the trail when there is very little light, and especially around sunrise and sunset. 
  • Wear bright colored clothing with easily visible colors that can easily be seen at a distance like orange, red, or yellow.
  • If you are on the trail with someone else, enjoy a good conversation so that anyone else nearby can be alerted to your presence. 
  • Stay on the trail and do not go off trail. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate the private property owners that permit us to use their property outside of hunting season.

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