Chautauqua Rails to Trails (CR2T) is a non profit corporation whose reason for existence is to acquire, develop and maintain multi purpose recreational trails for public use on or near abandoned railroad rights of way.  CR2T provides safe, attractive trails for non motorized trail users.  The trails wind through wetlands, pine forests, hardwood forests, pastures and vineyards.  Observing and learning about nature, about the history of the area and getting healthy physical exercise is what trail users can expect.

Chautauqua County is blessed with beautiful unused rail corridors winding through picturesque countryside and villages. In an era preceding paved roads and mechanically reliable cars and trucks, railroads were essential for transportation and for moving agricultural and manufactured goods and supplies through rural areas. In recent decades, railroads have abandoned most of their lines serving rural areas. CR2T is preserving these abandoned rail corridors for conversion into safe off-road trails for recreational use: walking, running, hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, bird watching (over 170 species identified) and horseback riding. These trails provide public access through scenic woodlands, wetlands and flowering meadows, offering trail users opportunities to observe the plants, animals and birds found in areas otherwise remote from highways and roads. The trails are available for outdoor recreational activities and environmental study for the public at large and for group outings sponsored by schools, scouts, churches and service organizations.

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