CR2T is home to some of the most scenic and serene trails in the area.  Chautauqua County is blessed with beautiful unused rail corridors winding through picturesque countryside vistas and quaint villages.  CR2T provides safe, attractive trails for non motorized trail users.  The trails wind through wetlands, pine forests, hardwood forests, pastures and vineyards.  Observing and learning about nature, about the history of the area and getting healthy physical exercise is what trail users can expect.  Below are the many trails that await your exploration!

Reports for any trail maintenance items like downed trees can be submitted through our contact form.

The Rosie Billquist Trail (0.9 mile) 

Begins at the Sherman Village Park behind the Corral restaurant and runs through wetlands and pasture to the railbed on the East side of the Village.

Taking the trail from downtown Sherman, you would be on the trail to the east of the Village of Sherman, and the trail ends at Park St. Turn left on Park and take the first right, Kendrick Rd. Follow Kendrick till it comes to a ‘T’ (about a mile) and turn right and go about 200 yards. The Sheldon Trailhead is on your left.

Parking is available at the Sherman Park.

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The Ralph C. Sheldon Jr. Trail (4.3 miles)

Begins at Titus Road and running northward to Summerdale Road, passes through woodlands and through wetlands which offer habitat suitable for beavers and migrating waterfowl.

Parking is available at Titus Road and Summerdale Road.

Having taken the Sheldon trail for about 4.3 miles, the trail comes to Summerdale Rd. and stops, the continuation of the trail denied to us.    Turn left on Summerdale Rd and take it until it comes to a ‘T’. Turn right onto Hannum Rd and take it for about a mile, until you see the trail begin on your left. If you get to Bentley Rd, you’ve missed the entrance. If so, take a left onto Bentley, go about 150 yards and enter the trail on your right.

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The Nancy B. Diggs Trail (1.5 miles)

Begins at Hannum Road and runs northward past Bentley Road to State Route 430, passing through woodland and offering first peeks at the agricultural diversity of the area.

Parking is available off of Bentley Road.

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The Nadine and Paul Webb Trail (1.7 miles)

Begins at State Route 430, passes through woodlands and farmland, ends at the Mayville lakefront area [which passes the top of Chautauqua Lake]. Park at the Rt 394 crossing of the trail in Mayville.

When you get to Mayville, you cross a bridge into an open field leading to Rt 394. The trail goes across Rt 394, past the Chautauqua Belle (a sternwheeler steam boat), the old train depot, and on through the village.

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The Village of Mayville Trail (1.4 miles)

Runs from the lakefront area by State Route 394 to State Route 430 by the State Department of Transportation facility. This trail is asphalt paved.

When the trail meets Rt 430, you need to turn left onto Honeysette Rd. (While the trail does continue past Rt 430, it stops about ¾ mile from Rt 430.) Take Honeysette over the bridge, (from which you can see the end of the trail from Rt 430) till it comes to a ‘T’ and turn left onto Plank Road, a highway. Go ¾ mile till you see the overhead high tension electric lines and the entrance to the trail on your right.

Parking is available at the Mayville Park and Depot.

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The Unnamed Trail (2.3 miles)

Runs from Rt 430 north through woodlands and farmland to Plank Rd. During hunting season, the trail is closed between Honeysette and Parker Roads.

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The Laurie A. Baer Trail (1.0 mile)

Begins at Plank Road on the right-of-way of the Niagara Mohawk Corp, passing north through woodlands, over one bridge, ending at Bliss Road.

Parking is available at Plank Road.

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The Alison Wells Ney Trail (5.7 miles)

Begins at Bliss Road, and gently descends the Lake Erie Escarpment, and running north to Prospect Road and then to Thayer Road, offering vistas of Lake Erie.

Parking is available at Prospect Station and at Thayer Road.

The trail Crosses Prospect, Finley, Wolebon and Thayer Roads. The trail does cross Thayer and goes on another 100 yards to Colt Rd, but effectively stops there, as the trail does go past Colt, but has no way to connect to Ellicott Rd and stops in the middle of the woods. Turn left when you get to Thayer or Colt Rd. Take Thayer Rd till it comes to a “T” on Ellicott Rd. (Colt Rd meets Thayer Rd about 150 yards from the trail). Go about 2 miles on Ellicott, almost to Rt 380, where you will see the Brocton Area Recreational Trail on your left.

Click here to view Brocton Area Trail Map

The Brocton Area Recreational Trail (1.8 miles)

This trail is part of the overall Allison Wells Ney Trail, runs through the Village of Brocton from Ellicott Road across Webster and Highland Roads to Route 20, offering views of local vineyards. The segment from Highland to School Street (in back of the High School) is specially surfaced as a “Healthy Heart” trail.

Parking is available off of Ellicott Road, Highland Ave, and School Street.

Click here to view Brocton Area Trail Map 

The Portage Trail (3.7 miles)

Begins across SR 430 from Family health Services in Mayville travels north on or near an old railbed previously used as trail by American Indians and French Canadians to gain access to Chautauqua Lake and the Ohio country.

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